I work with you to develop sessions that will help you create the connections you want and clear up issues that you are struggling with. I will work with you in person to help you gain clarity and insight into what keeps you stuck and I will teach you valuable tools that you can use every day to support the relationships you want to have.

There are some items that regularly come up in intimate relationships. Often, people have trouble with communication or feeling close, and old distress patterns can create problems. Anger issues and unresolved trauma from past relationships can show up in times of stress and cause people to act in ways that make no sense in the current situation. These are all issues that I can help with. I can help you work through anger issues and help you to be present and in your body during stressful experiences. I can teach you new ways to communicate and help you to remember communication techniques that have worked well for you in the past.

I work with:

Singles looking to understand themselves better and wanting to discover what they are looking for in relationships with other people. I have many tools to help people better understand some of the distress patterns that they engage in around relationships. Often it is these distress patters that prevent us from being as close as we would like in intimate relationships.

Monogamous couples wanting to deepen their connection with each other or to reconnect, and to strengthen communication and understanding without language of right and wrong. There is no one template that fits all couples. We will work together to establish goals and build a set of tools that will work for your unique situation.

Non monogamous couples and poly families to create connections that work for them and improve communication among all partners. Time and attention can be challenges in any relationship and often more so in non monogamous relationships. We will work together to identify the root problems and create workable solutions. Whether you’re an individual that is part of a poly group, a core couple that has outside relationships, or a whole poly family of any number, I can help you have the relationships you want.

How to Book a Session

I offer a forty five minute consultation session free of charge. I’m currently accepting new clients in person in the Portland OR. area or by phone or Skype from anywhere.

I find that 90 minute (or longer) sessions work quite well for most of my clients. It allows enough time for us to work directly on the issues you want to address without feeling like we have to stop in the middle of something important. If you feel you need a shorter session, that can be arranged. Save money and book one of my monthly or annual packages.

90 minute session: $90 – $120 per session (sliding scale)
This is a great way to start. Try a session or two and see if you like how I work. To get more for your money (and save some too!) book one of my monthly or annual packages.

Basic Monthly Package: $175 – $225 per month (sliding scale)
This package works great for most people. The Basic Monthly Package includes 2 90 minute sessions, unlimited access to me via email (I usually respond in 24 to 48 hours), and written handouts to help you in between sessions.

6 Month Expanded Package: $1200
This is for those who are looking to make some deep changes with themselves and within their relationships. The Expanded package includes 12 90 minute sessions, One of my current one day workshops (or two evening workshops), unlimited access to me via email (I usually respond in 24 to 48 hours), written handouts to help you in between sessions, and 10% off all of my other classes and workshops.

1 Year Total Transformation Package: $3000
This package is for those who want a total life change. I love this package because it really allows us to dig deep and make some major changes. The Total Transformation Package includes 26 90 minute sessions, Deeper Connections Level 1 and Level 2 Classes, unlimited access to me via email (I usually respond in 24 to 48 hours), written handouts to help you in between sessions, and 10% off all of my other classes and workshops.

All session and package prices are the same for individuals, couples and poly families. Please note however that the higher the number of people in the room, the less time for each individual. For sessions that include three or more people, I recommend 2 hour sessions. Please contact me with any questions or for the cost of longer sessions.