Class Description

Iron Pentacle

A Magical Tool and Practice for Personal Empowerment and Collective Liberation

In this core Reclaiming class, we will embody the pentacle points of: Sex, Pride, Self, Power and Passion and journey into a portal of foundational magic. The pentacle is part energetic map, part diagnostic tool for right relationship, and part meditation. It is entirely our birthright, and available to help us deepen into connection between the iron core of earth, the iron core of the stars and the iron core of our blood.

Each point is an expression of the necessary qualities for an empowered and actualized person. Yet when these qualities have been, or are, punished or repressed by dominant culture we can become overwhelmed by numbness or anxiety in patterns that reinforce inability to manifest change. Changes in ourselves and in a world which dares us to respond to the call of the time, with vision and action.

Encompassing both theory and practice, this class will provide discussion and experiential learning. In our exploration, we will use the skills of trance, ritual, movement, spell-casting, re-storying, vocalization, play and arts, and sensing and shifting energy.

Prerequisites: Elements of Magic or equivalent.
Date: TBD
Location: TBD
Cost: TBD

Holistic Connections Level 1

Holistic Connections  Level 1 starts with teaching you how to be present and embodied. You will experience owning your own body and claiming your own space. You will also learn what distress looks like, how you experience it in your body, and what to do when you get triggered. This class teaches breathing and grounding techniques that will support your growth and give you useful tools to rely on during times of crisis.

Level 1  focuses on claiming yourself as an individual, and works on helping you deepen your connection with self. With a strong connection to self, it is easier to understand how to ask for support and what support looks and feels like to you.

Prerequisites: Open to everyone.
Date: TBD
Location: Portland
Cost: $150-$225 sliding scale. Please contact me if you wish to attend but don’t feel you can pay the full amount. Some scholarships and work trades are available.

Holistic Connections Level 2

Holistic Connections Level 2  strengthens your relationships by creating and deepening your connections with others. This section teaches beginner and intermediate  techniques, including how to give and receive exquisite attention,  connecting to the innate goodness of others, overcoming destructive or no longer useful behavioral patterns, and finding the root cause of distress and releasing it.

Level 2 deepens your connection to self through interaction with others. Learn how to truly listen and connect to the people in your life  and gain tools to help you  ask for what you need. Part of the process of healing distress is being witnessed and supported during the release of blocked emotions. This class with teach you how to witness this release in others with grace and ease, and help you feel able to release your own emotional blockages while being witnessed.

Prerequisites: Holistic Connections  Level 1 required.
Date: TBD
Location: Portland
Cost: $300-$450 sliding scale. Please contact me if you wish to attend but don’t feel you can pay the full amount. Some scholarships and work trades are available.

Register for both Holistic Connections Level 1 and 2  at the same time and save $50.  Click here to register.

Exploring Rage Workshop

What is your relationship with anger? Does it feel safe and healthy to let yourself feel rage?

This workshop will explore not only what rage is, but also how to feel anger without disconnecting from your body or letting it control you. This workshop will allow you to let out your rage in a supported and loving environment, and witness others in their rage while you support them.

This is a very active and hands on workshop designed to help you not only express your anger, but also to own your anger as a healthy and natural part of your emotional being.

Prerequisites: Open to everyone.
Date: Coming  Soon                                                                                                                              Location: TBD based on RSVP. This class fills up quickly, so please let me know if you’re interested.
Cost: $30-50 sliding scale. Some scholarships and work trades are available. Please contact me if you wish to attend but don’t feel you can pay. It is my desire to make this available to everyone.